Importance of Punjabi Language

Dear friends,
Learning of Punjabi is very easy . It can learn with in 1/2 hour . Before learning Punjabi , we should know , what is the need to learn Punjabi . Why am I learn Punjabi language . I am English , I am french , I am Canadian , I am Spanish , I am African , I am European . I am Australian or I am any other country person .
You can ask to me In my country Punjabi is not used , So there is no need to learn Punjabi .
If you are thinking , this , then I will say you that you are fool . Because , without learning Punjabi , you are leaving worthy knowledge of God which is in Punjabi Language . I am telling you the benefit of learning Punjabi one by one after this you will understand what is the importance of Punjabi and I hope you will surely learn Punjabi Language .

Advantages / Benefits / Importance of learning Punjabi

2. Language of God

Punjabi language's script is Gurmukhi . I try to make you understand with in simple English .
It means that this language God has given all knowledge . Gurmukhi mean voice of God ( see also translation English to Punjabi . )

2. For understanding of Shri Guru Granth Sahib
If you want to get freedom in this life in the living position , then you must learn Shri Guru Granth Sahib and for understanding Shri Guru Granth Sahib , you must learn Punjabi language . Because , Shri Guru Grandh Sahib is the Voice of Ten Gurus who are the real God in this earth .

3. Language of Brave person

Punjabi is the language of Brave person . If you want to become brave , you have to learn Punjabi . History is the witness of the bravery of Punjabi . In tune of Punjabi has wonderful power which can tremble to tiger or elephant . This language has fulfilled Punjabi people .

4. Language of Honesty , Brotherhood and truth

Punjabi language is the language of honesty , brotherhood and truth because this language is created with holy 10 Gurus . They teach the lesson of honesty , brotherhood and truth in this language . So , this language becomes holy and you can become honest . If you promise in Punjabi language , the whole world can faith on this promise .

5. Better than all the other languages of World

I am not criticize any other language but , If I feel it by my heart I can say only one World that Punjabi is better than the other language of this world .

Pakistan: 80,000,000- The most commonly spoken language in Pakistan.
India: 30,000,000- The 11th most commonly spoken language in India.
United Kingdom: 1,600,000- 2nd most common language in the UK.
Canada: 800,000- The 4th most common spoken language in Canada.
United Arab Emerates: 720,000.
United States: 700,000.
Saudi Arabia: 640,000.
Hongkong: 270,000.
France: 180,000.
Australia: 120,000.


  1. very nice...i believe in everything you have written...if you keep writing things like this...people WILL understand the Importance of Punjabi one day...Good Luck... ;)

  2. you have written a very good thing and i am proud of you
    well done



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